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The Counterfeit Spirit of the Beast

Today we continue our study of the False Prophet and the Image of the Beast that he is currently deceiving the world into building. Last week we looked at the cultural and political aspects of this image, and how the unity of church and state is on the horizon just as the apostle John saw in his vision of the woman riding the beast (Revelation 17).

In this episode we will examine the spiritual aspects of this image and how our modern culture is being prepared for a one world religion through a counterfeit spirit. This counterfeit spirit is working false signs and wonders of many kinds through a variety of channels and is deceiving many, and soon the world will experience perhaps the greatest deception of them all.

Will you see through it when the time comes? Learn the truth and stay sharp in the days ahead.

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The Seven Mountain Mandate

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Catholic Charismatic Renewal

Cardinal Joseph Suenens

1959 Charismatic Renewal Decree

Pope Paul IV 1975 Charismatic Renewal

Vatican II and the Charisms

Kathryn Kuhlman

David Du Plessis (South African Pentecostal Minister) with Pope Paul IV

Richard Rohr Meets Pope Francis

Normand Vincent Peale

Match the Music to the People You Want to Reach (Rick Warren)

Pope John Paul II 1998 Charismatic Announcement

The Unknown God

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Pope Francis discovers charismatic movement a gift to the whole church

Ignatius Loyola, Spiritual Exercises

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The Yellow Book: The Divine Mother, Kundalini, and Spiritual Powers

"How Did we Get here? The Roots of Pentecostalism: Gnostics" by Tim Naab

The Pentecostalism Controversy


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