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The Mark of the Beast

Perhaps the most popular (and misunderstood) End Times topic is the famed "Mark of the Beast" spoken about in Revelation 13. Many have speculated about what this mark is, especially in the times we are living in with increasingly tighter controls, digital money, social credit systems and globalization. But are these really the mark? Or is the bible warning us about something much more profound, spiritual and sinister?

In today's episode we will unpack this hotly debated topic with a solid foundation in scripture and history. We will also look at 2 poor examples of the mark as a learning opportunity on how not to interpret the bible. Lastly we will discover some possible answers to this mysterious, yet very important warning from John.

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End Times Prophetic Timeline

The Islamic End Times Beast and His Mark

Papyrus 115

Papyrus 47

Close-Up of Papyrus 115 and 47

SIX HUNDRED SIXTY-SIX BUT NOT 666, Edward L. Pothier (July 1991)

The true interpretation of the beast of Revelations: 666=Jesus Christ Crucified!

Yeshua? Iesous? Jesus? Some other form? Who’s right?

Catholic Quotes about the Sabbath

Sunday Laws in the Later Roman Empire

A History of the Church, from the Earliest Ages to the Reformation, Volume 1

The National Sunday Law, Arguments of Alonzo T. Jones before the U.S. Senate Committee on Dec. 13, 1888

Pope Calls for NWO to tackle Climate Change

The Number of the Beast


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