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The Role of Islam in the End Times

Islam is a massive religion with an interesting history and some similar end times views to Christianity. Yet Islam also contradicts Christianity in many ways. In this series we have identified who Mystery Babylon is, as well as who the First and Second Beasts were that John saw in his visions. The question now remains: what do we make of Islam? With such history and impact, surely there is a role for Islam to play in the end times. Today we will answer this question in-depth with history and scripture as our guide.

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End Times Prophetic Timeline

Oxford Illustrated History of Christianity, p.165

Bahira (Christian Monk)

Islamic Eschatology

The Plain and Simple HIDDEN TRUTH About Islam!

Umayyad Mosque

Abu Haggag Mosque

Christianity’s Roots In Lebanon, and The Maronites

World Pilgrimmage Guide -- Baalbek

Why Catholics Built Secret Astronomical Features Into Churches to Help Save Souls

Church of the Dormition

Islam: The Religion and the People

The Islamic Invasion, p.160

Hathor, sacred cow moon sun

Osiris and Isis, Fertility and Sun + Moon gods

Osiris picture

Pope Pectoral Cross

Compare to Labarum

Wikipedia, Queen of Heaven

The Origin of the Labarum

Astarte, Canaanite fertlity goddess

Hittites with Sun and Moon

The Black Madonna A Divine Mystery Veiled In Blackness

Virgo Transitions to Mary

Isis Unveiled, p.209

Isis and the Virgin Mary, a Pagan Conversion

Universal Mediation of Mary

Mary in Islam

Jesus and the Virgin Mary in Islam

Our Lady of Lebanon

Islamic 8 pointed Star

Star of the Sea

Mary with the 8-pointed Star

The Virgin Mary, the Star of the Sea

The Keys of This Blood, p.285,+already+attuned+to+the+figure+of+Christ+and+Christ%27s+mother+mary&source=bl&ots=0W_qUKapW5&sig=ACfU3U3MKzTy-K0aun6Y9A8RG-6sKB5-yQ&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwig59bRlJv9AhU8PUQIHbmCBlQQ6AF6BAg4EAM#v=onepage&q=there%20will%20come%20a%20day%20when%20the%20heart%20of%20islam%2C%20already%20attuned%20to%20the%20figure%20of%20Christ%20and%20Christ's%20mother%20mary&f=false

Living The Worthy Life- Mother Mary Converts The World

All Seeing Eye Symbol

Eye of Horus

The Templar Revelation, p.42

Freemasonry: Classic Collection

Morals and Dogma, p11

Shriners Emblem

The Deadly Deception, James D. Shaw, p.75

Secret Societies and Subversive Movements

"Perfect Ashlar", Morals and Dogma, p.5

Isis Unveiled: Helena Blavatsky, p.578

The black cube of Saturn

Satan and the Black Cube of Saturn

The history and form of the Kaaba,and%20is%20revered%20by%20Muslims.

The Kaaba and Pre-Islamic Mecca

Pope Francis leads Hail Mary for victims of earthquake in Turkey and Syria

Surah 5:47, Quran

Surah 69

Sahih Bukhari / Volume 5 / Book 59 / Hadith 713


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