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Add life to years, not years to life...

The mission of Sky Circle seminars is to educate and empower seniors in the community to make healthier choices and live their best life. By utilizing top professionals in the arts and sciences, as well as movement, Sky Circle seminars aims to bring holistic healing to the senior community in a fun, engaging and memorable way.


Maria Yeung is the owner of Sky Circle LLC. She is a retired international banker who has spent years exploring holistic practices in improving health span along with life span. Maria is also a dancer and believes in the power of movement to keep people young and healthy for years to come.

Tudor Alexander is a former professional athlete and trainer, certified health coach, host of the Dance of Life Podcast and author of 5 books. He is passionate about health, dancing and God.

The content of Sky Circle seminars is supported by Stella Ardire, a retired RN (RN BSN) with 30 + years experience working with all ages from birth to death in pediatrics, medical surgical, behavioral health, long-term care, hospice, rehab and home health.

To make arrangements for a seminar in your community, please contact us and we will work with you to create a powerful, fun and simple event that will support your members with practical skills and knowledge for healthy living.

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Sky Circle also operates a wellness studio at Prescott Country Club for private retreats by invitation/referral only. Relax, connect to nature and refresh your mind at a comfortable, private and beautiful location in Northern Arizona.

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