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Sleep Health Top Picks

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Sublingual Melatonin

Sublingual melatonin is much more bioavailable than tablet form, and this one comes in a phytonutrient blend. It's my holy grail for sleeping like a baby.


Chelated Zinc

The most bioavailable form with added enzymes for processing. If melatonin gives you loose stools, take zinc with it to solve the problem. Zinc is a cofactor in many reactions and neurotransmitters and should be taken at night.

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Tryptophan + Herbals

A gentle tryptophan and herbal product for easing the edge off at night, lowering anxiety and calming down. Stacks great with melatonin!


Nitric Oxide Booster

Nitric oxide boosts circulation and lowers blood pressure, helping the body to relax. Research has also shown that the main ingredients in this product can boost growth hormone secretion while sleeping for a more restful sleep.


Chelated Magnesium

High concentration magnesium in the most bioavailable form with added enzymes for processing. The best you can get.


P-5-P (Vitamin B6)

This is the active form of the very important vitamin B6. It is a cofactor in many neurotransmitters (like melatonin) and helps to promote healthy sleep. Some with genetic issues cannot process normal B6, so I always go for P5P instead. 

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The statements on this page have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not to be considered medical advice or diagnosis for any condition. Proper consultation with your doctor or health team is advised before beginning any new supplementation program. 

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