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I help women unleash the Goddess within them through the transformative power of partnership dance. ​

Learn to harness your strength, master your mind and connect to yourself in a healthy and challenging atmosphere.​


I will be your guide, your shoulder and your partner in this next exciting chapter of your life.


If you're ready to reinvent yourself, start a new journey or just reclaim the badass b*tch inside of you, this is your sign from the Universe to take action.​

Click below and let's see where the Music will take us.

Below are the 4 pillars of my coaching philosophy and what you can expect in our time together:


At regular intervals besides your physical training, I meet with you to help plan, guide and coach you toward your dreams, overcome obstacles and master all the factors for performing at your best. 


I genuinely care about you on and off the floor and I believe in your highest self. My goal is that you reach your dreams and become a Superstar on the dance floor of your life through what you learn.


Earn rewards for consistent effort and redeem them for perks that drastically reduce the cost of your journey and offer you an unparalleled value of performance coaching.


My approach is centered around accountability and excellence, and my goal is to get you the best results possible in the least amount of time. 


And when you do get there, you'll know it was you that walked through the door.

Success Stories

Ina K.

"I took both social and international Latin dance lessons with Tudor for over 3 years and got to know him very well. He is one of the kindest people I have ever met and is even more professional when it comes to teaching his students. Tudor pushed me to be better every day and it was very easy to express my creativity and be my true authentic self during our lessons. He help me to transform not only my dancing, but also my way of thinking about life's challenges and how to handle them better. I highly recommend Tudor. He always gives 110% and strives to make his students reach their true potential both on and off the dance floor."

Lee W.

"Tudor is a great dance instructor. He took me from my first dance lesson to competing at the Ohio Star Ball. He adapts his teaching so as the student you get the most out of each lesson. He is also a great person with so many talents. You will get so much more than learning to dance when you work with Tudor."

Liz M.

"Tudor is a professional dance instructor. He knows all of the ballroom dances including social dances like salsa and west coast swing. He can teach both the leader's steps and the follower's steps. He currently competes as a professional in the American Rhythm dances at national and international competitions. In Pro/Am competitions, his students have performed very well. I have taken dance lessons with many of the best professionals in the valley, and Tudor is the best teacher. He explains things very clearly. Overall, Tudor is a handsome, intelligent, and gifted dance partner -- and he's lots of fun!"

Tudor is genuine, talented, sensitive, and a supportive dance instructor. He provides positive feedback, excellent instruction, and years of experience. We highly recommend Tudor.

Ryall S.

5 Months Client 

Extreme patience and the ability to instruct in a way that someone with zero dancing experience can understand.

Kerrie J.

9 Months Client 

Tudor was a very dedicated teacher and always made it fun for my husband and I. Tudor taught us so much about the art of dancing and how it can positively impact many areas of our life.

Michelle S.

3 Years Client

Tudor is a FANTASTIC ballroom instructor - knowledgeable, precise, gifted, etc. And so much more! He believes in you! He focuses on your strengths, encourages you through any challenges ( like feet that do anything but what you want ) and turns on the mirror ball inside that is just waiting to spin and sparkle!!

Anita G.

2 Years Client

Tudor has been a great dance teacher, patient, creative and communicative. He choreographed a three minute routine of Viennese waltz and Latin salsa for me to compete in a charity dance competition and even edited the music expertly. It has been fun to learn it. He is an expert dancer and can really teach, too!

Beth O.

6 Months Client

We took lessons with Tudor for our first dance at our wedding. We wanted to do it right so we took lessons for a year! He choreographed a beautiful foxtrot for us! He even called us after our wedding to see how it went! He's funny and a great dancer. I loved every minute of our lessons.

Arianna P.

3 Years Client

Tudor not only is an instructors instructor, he is an excellent showman when he dances and great to watch in a showcase and competition. The topper for me is that not only is he very personable, but he truly listens and treats everyone with dignity and respect. He brings out the best in every fellow student I have every seen! Your goals are within reach absolutely with this wonderful man!

Carrie A.

2 Years Client

I have had a few lessons with Tudor, and I am thrilled with my learning experience. He is excellent with teaching technique and choreography. I love Argentine Tango! He is already teaching me a routine. I am learning so much and enjoying every minute.

Donna S.

2 Months Client

Tudor is more than just a dance instructor teaching you steps and patterns. He does so much more! Tudor as helped me to connect to my dance partner (whoever it may be) in both instructional and social settings. The energy and passion of dance is obvious through Tudor’s expert instruction. Besides that, Tudor always makes it fun! Dance has enhanced my life and Tudor has been such an excellent guide teaching me how to dance with passion and confidence. I highly recommend Tudor to any individual or group for dance instruction. Thanks Tudor! You are simply the BEST!

Susanne W.

4 Years Client

Results speak for themselves. 

What will yours say?