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A Simple Anti-Aging To-Do List

Age is just a number, make sure yours is unlisted!

In this article you will learn:

  • The basics of keeping young, healthy and in optimal health well into old age

  • How to make effective decisions to keep you out of the doctor's office

  • Where to get my favorite, most effective kind for daily use

Take this stuff to the next level:

Many of these recommendations are simple, but some may need a more detailed exploration. To get a comprehensive guide (1600+ scientific references), a ton of resources and some time with me to discuss your goals, grab a copy of my landmark book here and let's dive into a new journey.

A Simple Anti-Aging To-Do List

The following are 17 simple principles to go by to live a long, healthy and happy life:

1. Eat a low to medium carbohydrate diet that avoids or minimizes sugar, alcohol, dairy and gluten to minimize inflammation.

2. Eat a low to moderate amount of protein, approximately .5 or .6 grams per pound of fat free mass. Eat meat only a few times a week at most and make sure it is always of high quality. Too much protein intake (as per the traditional "1 gram per pound of body weight" has several deleterious effects. I explore these in the book referenced above).

3. Eat high-quality fats liberally in the form of monounsaturated fats and some saturated fats. Avoid or minimize polyunsaturated fats from food.

4. Make sure all your food is organic whenever possible or simply follow the “PACO” or

“Primitive, Alkaline, Colorful, Organic” concept when you choose.

5. Eat at least 25 grams of fiber per day from food or by adding a supplement like psyllium husks. Make sure the psyllium is organic.

6. Avoid grilling, deep frying and preparing your food in ways that generate high amounts of free radicals, AGEs (advanced glycation end products) and other harmful compounds. Avoid eating foods that are inflammatory to your system like gluten and dairy, or anything else that you learn through testing like specific lectins or other proteins.

7. Incorporate some raw food into your regular diet, but don’t go crazy with it either.