How to Kill a Virus Naturally

In this article you will learn:

  • What the research says about natural anti-viral compounds

  • What products I use to stay healthy, virus-free and where to get them

Take this stuff to the next level:

Many of these recommendations are simple, but some may need a more detailed exploration. To get a comprehensive guide (1600+ scientific references), a ton of resources and some time with me to discuss your goals, grab a copy of my landmark book here and let's dive into a new journey.

The Details:

I am convinced that if you follow good principles to align your body (like the ones laid out in my book above) you will hardly ever get sick, and when you do, your body will be equipped to handle the problem as swiftly as possible. Remember that a weak Terrain is what attracts opportunistic organisms and allows them to flourish unchecked until they create a real problem.

Right now, you have a multitude of these little bad actors in every part of your body,(1) but as long as your “police force” is active and strong then they aren’t really anything to worry about. Life isn’t perfect, though, and when you have nutritional deficiencies, they equate to budget deficiencies in your police force. When you have toxicity, unmanaged stress and chronic inflammation, this means corruption and the cartels begin taking over.

Now your Terrain isn’t as safe for the average citizen cell, and it gradually becomes a war zone. Combine this with every year bringing some new infectious threat to your doorstep and the environment constantly assaulting your cells and turning them into cancer zombies, and the result is that your poor little immune system is working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to put out fires and mitigate threats.

Having a strong and balanced immune system is one of the most important markers of longterm health. If it is too weak, you will fall prey to infectious diseases or cancer. If it is too active, you will consume yourself with autoimmune issues. It’s like everything else in your body: an incredibly complex system of interconnected parts in Dynamic Balance. If you follow good diet and nutrition principles, then you will support the long-term balance and health of your immune system because the focus is on creating an optimal Terrain.

Every case is different, and if you suffer from an autoimmune condition or are immunocompromised for whatever reason, there are many valuable natural therapies that are emerging and worth investigating with your functional medicine doctor.

My focus in this article is to address the majority of simple, acute situations that you will have to deal with throughout your life like the occasional virus and what the research says about various tools in your arsenal for when the time comes to fight. This is not to dissuade you from using medications, antibiotics or other pharmaceutical interventions if they are appropriate, but rather to compliment your perspective so that you have all of the tools in front of you and can decide from an empowered position.

A healthy body will create a fever to kill off the flu, but I’ve always had a hard time falling asleep with a raging fever and the only thing to solve that problem is medication. Likewise, if I’m getting an infected tooth taken out, you can bet I’ll be popping the antibiotics afterward, as insurance, because the risk is high for that kind of infection to cause serious problems if it gets out of control.

I don’t take medications often, but when I do, I always check their potential interactions with my supplements. There usually aren’t any because I stick to The Basics, but if I’m on a course of antibiotics, I will usually stop all supplements because some can interfere. The point is that medications are powerful tools (if used responsibly) to obtain needed short-term results, and along with your supplements, they will give you a comprehensive strategy to fight whatever is coming.

The goal is to have all the tools available and ideally never have to use them in the first place. In the event that you do get sick with something like a cold, virus or other little bug, below are some valuable extra suggestions that can help tilt the balance in your favor. To learn more information about each product, click the image.

My Personal Immune Health Product List

#1: Natural "Z Pak"

This is one of OHS’s custom health paks comprised of a variety of nutrients vital for supporting the immune system such as minerals, vitamins, probiotics, immune supporting herbs and powerful enzymes. Research has specifically implicated several nutrients as vital for general immune health, as well as during an acute situation, meaning how they affect the spread of viruses and your system’s response to it. They are vitamin D,(2,3) copper,(4,5) zinc,(6,7) selenium,(8,9,10,11,12) vitamin C(13) and

iodine,(14,15) among a few others.

Other compounds like beta glucans, echinacea and garlic also have several documented antimicrobial effects. One active compound in garlic, allicin, has been studied extensively for its effect on preventing or mitigating both cold and flu viruses.(16,17,18,19,20,21)

If you get a cold or flu, this is a great solution to blitz your body with a high amount of nutrition and support a speedy recovery.

#2: Nitric Oxide

Nitric Oxide (NO) was awarded the discovery of the year in 1990 and it plays an important role in inhibiting the replication of viruses, as well as supporting your immune system’s response to them.(22,23,24) This is another reason to keep your NO levels at optimal. This is a great product to have around because it helps to lower your blood pressure (a complicating factor for some respiratory bugs), keep the body oxygenated and keep nitric oxide levels optimal for the fight. It's one of my favorite products and part of my "Everyday Basics" for living in optimal health.

#3: Liquid Oxygen

Oxygen is another interesting compound that can be useful in your repertoire for a variety of purposes. For respiratory issues, one danger is that your level of available oxygen in the blood drops and you become hypoxic. If you have impaired functioning of the lungs for whatever reason, this could be an especially important factor to keep track of, as complications can arise. Some people use ozone therapy, which is an umbrella term for the many ways of using a special type of oxygen molecule that is relatively unstable.

The molecule, O3, is not the same as your standard O2 molecule that we obtain from air. While there is plenty of promising research demonstrating its antimicrobial effects and therapeutic range on countless afflictions, it must also be handled with

care and administered professionally.(25,26)

Using ozone internally is not something I’m a fan of because you’re introducing high amounts of free radicals into your body, but there are some people who swear by it as a remedy for everything. This can be either intravenously as an IV or even through the anus as a way to cleanse the colon and eliminate bad anaerobic bacteria. If you’re going to do these interventions, please make sure that you do your research and find someone reputable.

Regarding other uses for ozone, it works wonders as a topical disinfectant and offers much less to worry about. I personally have used ozone infused olive oil cream as a topical for eczema, acne or fungal skin infections and it works like a charm. Because ozone is a free radical, it damages these pathogen’s structures in a natural and

effective way without really hurting you.

Most holistic dentists will use ozone therapy to disinfect a tooth during procedures like cavities or crowns, and it’s very effective as an added layer of insurance against future complications. The product listed above is interesting because it utilizes compressed oxygen (O2) along with trace minerals to provide a highly bioavailable liquid oxygen

supplement at 35% concentration. It is not ozone, but rather a simple way to get more oxygen into your body and raise the level naturally.

An easy way to measure where you are at with your oxygen level is through a pulse oximeter. If you are sick, this can help keep your oxygen levels at optimum to minimize the strain on your lungs and prevent you from becoming hypoxic. It is not as reactive as O3 (meaning dangerous) but at the same time I also wouldn’t take it on a regular basis unless you struggle keeping your O2 levels in the mid to upper 90’s per the oximeter rating.

#4: Iodine