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Is Stem Cell Therapy Worth It?

Stem cell therapy may be a powerful intervention for you depending on your circumstances

In this article you will learn:

  • A few simple thoughts on stem cell therapy if you choose to use it

The Details

Probably one of the most well-known anti-aging therapies, the area of stem cell research is wide and very intriguing. Unfortunately, it is extremely cost prohibitive (at the time of this writing), with injections and therapy starting at several thousand dollars a pop. Still, if it’s within your budget this intervention may be the place to go for healing or treating several degenerative conditions,(1) or even as a preventative rejuvenating measure.

You can also bank your stem cells,(2) although this is not a widely available or super affordable service just yet either. This product by OHS is an innovative approach at stimulating your body's natural stem cell production, as it uses a small amount of lithium aspartate to stimulate stem cell production in the body, and research has shown that lithium (in trace amounts) may have a protective effect on the body and stimulate stem cell activity.(3)

Of course, you can always try to be as healthy as possible through everything that you learn on this blog and in other places, and that will help your body produce more stem cells in general. What else can you do to maximize your stem cells?

Here's a few ideas:

  • Minimize toxins

  • Maximize nutrients with a good nutrition plan and regular testing

  • Reduce stress

  • Exercise often (strength training and high intensity are best)

  • Go on regular fasts (although for stem cells you need at least 48-72 hours, yikes)

  • Take your Vitamin G daily (Gratitude)

This is how you maximize your biology, and if you can't afford stem cell therapy just yet it's OK - when it becomes more mainstream your stem cells will be healthier anyway.






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