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Should You Use Peptides?

If you're afraid of needles, peptides are probably not for you

In this article you will learn:

  • What peptides are and why they're valuable in the anti-aging field

  • How to incorporate them into your routine and what the considerations are

  • My own experience and take on peptides

The Details:

You aren’t a true BodyHacker until you find yourself sitting in the kitchen preparing an

intramuscular injection of a peptide to stimulate growth hormone levels (legally) and wondering to yourself, “What the fuck am I actually doing here?”

This was me several years ago when I got myself a month of sermorelin injections, having to prepare (and administer) them at home even though I absolutely hated needles. It was a fun experience and although it doesn’t really tempt me anymore these days, it was worth the time and money to experiment and see at least how far I was willing to go in my curiosity (or craziness?) to attain optimal health.

Sermorelin belongs to a special class of compounds called peptides, which basically are

strings of amino acids (the building blocks of everything) and serve as special chemical messengers for a variety of impressive effects. Sermorelin stimulates the pituitary to secrete more growth hormone naturally, and it has been well researched for its therapeutic anti-aging effects.

Like sermorelin, there are many other peptides out there that can be ingested, injected or put into your body somehow. Each come with their own powerful effects, as well as considerations - and usually a hefty price tag. This is the case with most fringe and experimental therapies, and my goal here in this article is less to vouch for anything and more to educate and give you tools to decide for yourself.

All in all, there are countless peptides, and some have been isolated (like sermorelin) to

produce specific effects. You can ingest, inject or use them topically, and in general peptides signal cells to do important things like make more energy or repair themselves. Generally speaking, intramuscular injections were the gold standard for using peptides (because you avoid the harsh environment of the stomach), but this is also changing as new products come out that are more biovailable.

Peptides have a wide application, but the science is very new and they are not regulated substances yet. When you buy peptides, they will often say “For Research Use Only” as this area of anti-aging and health is still very experimental. Nevertheless, if you suffer from a specific and difficult condition, finding a professional that can treat you with peptides may be worth the investment. They are not cheap, and my personal recommendation is that you don’t embark on this journey alone unless you want

to do a lot of reading and research - or spend a lot of money on someone who can do all of that for you.

Back when I ordered my vials of sermorelin in hopes of increasing my growth hormone

naturally, peptides were pretty hard to come by. I felt like I was trying to buy some illegal drugs, and with how expensive they were it certainly felt like it. This was around 2009, but since then a lot of things have changed. Today I get bombarded with Facebook ads from companies selling “pure” peptides, so getting them is much easier than ever before. I think this area of health is promising, but again you are dealing with cell signaling, hormones and higher-level processes.