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The Dance Of Life Podcast with Tudor Alexander
314: END TIMES #10 - Daniel's 70 Weeks Prophecy - The Key to the End Times

314: END TIMES #10 - Daniel's 70 Weeks Prophecy - The Key to the End Times

Over 2500 years ago the prophet Daniel was given multiple visions about the end of days and all the history that would lead up to the return of Christ. It is profound to think that so much valuable information can be contained in just one book of the bible, yet this is indeed true for the book of Daniel. One such vision that Daniel received was a specific prophecy regarding the life and ministry of Jesus. This prophecy, called "The 70 weeks prophecy," is well known and studied in many circles. 

But there are multiple views on what this prophecy means, and how you interpret this vision can lead to drastic consequences in your end times views. Because the book of Revelation builds off of what Daniel wrote, how one understands the book of Daniel is the key that unlocks all other end times prophecies and understanding. 

In this episode we will take a deep dive into this 70 weeks prophecy and see just how profound it really is. Using history and scripture as our guide we will see the sovereign power of God at work throughout time, and what that means for us living in these final moments before Christ's return. 

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End Times Prophetic Timeline:

Date of Artaxerxes Decrees

Pilate began ruling 26/27 AD

Caesar Augustus, his statues and coins

Second Temple

Jesus' Birth: The Death of Herod

What Day was Jesus Born? (September 11, 3 BC) Study with Michael Heiser

The Week