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END TIMES #33: Refuting Dispensationalism | Why Ezekiel 38 Has Been Fulfilled (Gog & Magog)

Health for the body:

Health for the soul:

With the advent of wars in Ukraine and Israel, many are quickly appropriating these unfolding events to bible prophecy. Specifically, Ezekiel 38 is being discussed as potentially unfolding or about to unfold in the near future. But what do the bible and history have to say about these things? Today we will learn the truth behind Ezekiel 38 using scripture and history as our guide.

Full End Times Series:


00:00 - Introduction

09:26 - Anachronisms of Ezekiel 38

17:26 - Analysis of Ancient Geography

19:43 - Target of Invasion is Ancient Israel

23:04 - The Identity of "Gog"

32:46 - Narrowing the Time Down

37:10 - The Battle

43:37 - Final Thoughts

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The Dance Of Life Podcast with Tudor Alexander
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