False Signs & Wonders: Why A.I. is NOT the Image of the Beast


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With increasing reports of robotic malfunctions and the terrors of AI, many have quickly taken to speculating that Artificial Intelligence is the prophesied image of the beast from Revelation 13. But what does the bible actually mean when it says the False Prophet will deceive people into building an image to the beast? Is AI this image, or are these reports part of a sinister disinformation campaign to make people ignorant to the true image of the beast?


  • 00:00 - Introduction

  • 03:26 - The AI Scare Narrative (Current Events)

  • 28:13 - The Pope & AI

  • 35:05 - What the Bible Says About the Beast

  • 52:42 - What the Image of the Beast Really Is

  • 59:55 - Final Thoughts

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