The Vatican's Love Affair with Secret Societies

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The pope recently came out against corruption at the Vatican and also took a strong stance against Freemasonry, saying the values of this secret society are “incompatible” with the Catholic faith. For those who know their history there is great irony in these words, and today we will learn just how ironic they are by looking at the Alumbrados, the Jesuits, the French Revolution and the history of occult organizations like the Freemasons. Spoiler alert: these all have something in common.


  • 00:00 - Introduction

  • 09:47 - Alumbrados

  • 15:18 - Spiritual Exercises

  • 23:34 - Adam Weishaupt, the Jesuits, Mithraism, the Occult & The French Revolution

  • 52:11 - Putting it All Together



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