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Art of War: The Jesuits, Napoleon & The French Revolution Conspiracy

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We are told by our history books that the French Revolution was a momentous step toward human rights, freedom and democracy. Yet those who study history know that history is written by the winners. Today we will examine what history really says about the French Revolution, why the Art of War is intimately connected to this event, how Napoleon was used by the Beast to create Zionism and what all of these things have to do with the book of Revelation.


  • 00:00 - Introduction & Review

  • 16:12 - The Art of War: Historical Context

  • 39:49 - The Art of War: Text Breakdown

  • 55:44 - The French Revolution: Historical Context

  • 1:14:10 - The Jesuit Origins of the French Revolution

  • 1:40:40 - Napoleon & The Jews

  • 2:05:10 - Final Thoughts

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The Dance Of Life Podcast with Tudor Alexander
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