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THE SABBATH #1: Why the Sabbath Matters

Health for your body:

Health for your soul:

In the beginning, the bible tells us that God rested on the 7th day along with His creation and blessed it for all time. Indeed, even countless generations later, the very structure of time is built around this 7 day model. Yet today there is much deception surrounding the Sabbath, both on the side of those who bring legalism into their beliefs and also on the side of those who say the Sabbath — one of God’s moral commands and a gift for humanity — has been done away with at the cross.

Even more important is why the Sabbath matters in our current generation, a generation that is nearing the end of all things. Today you will learn the truth of why this issue is significant for our day and age and in the series we will unpack all the significant discussion points on this topic to reveal the truth about the Sabbath.


  • 00:00 - Introduction

  • 13:39 - Reason #1: Health

  • 27:41 - Reason #2: End Times

  • 30:17 - The Mark of the Beast

  • 56:11 - Objection: The Word "Charagma"

  • 58:05 - Changing Times & Laws

  • 1:06:23 - Buying & Selling

  • 1:12:55 - The Seal of God & The Sabbath

  • 1:21:46 - Brief History of Sunday Laws

  • 1:25:09 - The Sabbath as the Final Test

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The Dance Of Life Podcast with Tudor Alexander
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