THE SABBATH #4: Does the Day Begin at Sunrise or Sunset?

Health for your body:

Health for your soul:

Today there is great confusion surrounding the Sabbath, and one such hot topic is that of whether the day is reckoned from morning or from evening. Many Sabbath keeping Christians align themselves with Jewish practices of evening reckoning, but is this what the bible really teaches? Today we will examine this controversy and see how the day is reckoned according to God, the Creator of both the day and the night.


  • 00:00 - Introduction

  • 06:59 - Why This Matters

  • 09:27 - History of Calendars: Egypt to Rome

  • 31:07 - Context on the word "Day"

  • 33:17 - The Creation Narrative

  • 50:42 - The Exodus Narrative

  • 1:12:04 - Old Testament Sacrifices

  • 1:13:31 - Sabbaths vs "The Sabbath"

  • 1:20:31 - Ancient Cultural Attitudes

  • 1:29:45 - The Crucifixion Timeline

  • 1:32:37 - OBJECTION: Nehemiah 13:19

  • 1:41:04 - Final Thoughts

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