THE TRINITY #12: Jesus in the Old Testament | The Word & The Name

Health for the body:

Health for the soul:

In the Old Testament we see many pictures and shadows of what would later be revealed in Jesus - that God, YHWH, the self-existent Creator, would take on human form and pay for humanity's sins. This fundamental truth of the gospel is imbedded in the very name God gave to Moses in Exodus, and by studying the historical and biblical context of the Word of God and the Name of God, we reveal some profound truths as to God's nature.


  • 00:00 - Introduction & Review

  • 08:48 - The Word of YHWH

  • 25:19 - The Memra

  • 35:02 - The Name of YHWH

  • 51:07 - Longing to Know God's Name

  • 57:41 - "For the Name"

  • 1:02:39 - YHWH in Proto-Sinaitic Script

  • 1:07:24 - Tetragrammaton Etymology

  • 1:12:55 - Responding to Sacred Name Legalists (Yeshua or Jesus?)

  • 1:19:47 - Jesus is YHWH


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