True Antichrist: The Man of Lawlessness Revealed

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Many Christians today believe that the antichrist is a person that will be indwelt by Satan and will walk into a rebuilt Jewish temple to proclaim himself to be God. Yet careful scrutiny of scripture and history reveals that this is a lie, and also one that has been propagated intentionally by the true antichrist power on the Earth to hide its identity.


  • 00:00 - Introduction

  • 15:53 - The True Meaning of Antichrist

  • 29:23 - The Man of Lawlessness

  • 41:37 - Historical Evidence

  • 1:03:53 - Peace as the Weapon of the Antichrist

  • 1:08:23 - Putting it Together

  • 1:16:15 - Pope Francis Current Events

  • 2:12:31 - Final Thoughts

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