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Voluntas Dei Est Catholica


Health for your body:

Health for your soul:

“Voluntas Dei Est Catholica” means “The Will of God is Catholic,” and in fact this is true for those who have diligently studied the scriptures. Revelation tells us that the world will marvel after the beast and the kings of the Earth will give their power to a church-state system just like they did for 1400+ years. Christ also tells us that He will draw all kinds of men from every tribe to Himself (John 12) and so the mark of the beast that God has decreed will be to separate the true universal church from the counterfeit in the last days.

Today we will see key examples of these prophecies unfolding through political and social figures, as they continue to magnify the beast and seduce the world into its system.


  • 00:00 - Introduction

  • 19:46 - Current Events

  • 1:24:41 - Candace Owens

  • 1:55:46 - Lightning Round: Refuting Candace & Franco

  • 2:25:25 - Russell Brand

  • 2:41:20 - Trump

  • 3:18:32 - Mar Mari

  • 3:38:15 - Final Thoughts & Quick Story

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