Zionism's Dirty Little Secrets: Propaganda, Communism & A False Messiah


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Health for your soul:

Zionism is a topic that has increasingly polarized people today as the war in the Middle East rages on. Especially within Christianity, doctrines of dispensationalism and Christian Zionism have led Christians to a justify heinous crimes perpetrated by the state of Israel. Today we will look at a few of Zionism’s dark secrets and how it will play its role in serving the Beast’s agenda.


  • 00:00 - Introduction

  • 06:21 - Zionist Propaganda

  • 26:59 - Christian Zionist Hypocrisy

  • 33:15 - Real News

  • 47:51 - The Origins of Zionism

  • 1:07:16 - The False Messiah

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