Rise of the Counterfeit: Christian Nationalism & The Coming Image of the Beast


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Health for your soul:

The bible warns of a false light system that will take over the world, allowing the kings of the Earth to pledge their power to Mystery Babylon, which is the Catholic Church and its papal leadership. Yet this system will first begin in the land of signs and wonders, which is the False Prophet that John sees aiding the First Beast to come back to power. This land is the United States of America, and its job is to create the template for this new system.


  • 00:00 - Introduction

  • 14:18 - Gun Church

  • 23:36 - Nick Fuentes

  • 45:51 - The Counterfeit Golden Age

  • 51:30 - MAGA Prophet Julie Green

  • 1:01:15 - Examples of Dark to Light Dialectics

  • 1:25:30 - Get Ready for Christian Nightclubs

  • 1:34:19 - CNN Tells the Truth?

  • 1:39:15 - Paying Homage to the Beast

  • 1:42:03 - The Coolest Dictator

  • 1:47:22 - Final Thoughts

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