THE SABBATH #2: From Adam to Christ | The Sabbath Through History


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Many Christians today believe and have been taught that the Sabbath is part of the Mosaic law that was initiated on Mount Sinai, therefore Christians are exempted from celebrating the Sabbath because that law was done away with. Yet careful study of the scriptures reveals that the Sabbath was initiated at creation, and all of the famous patriarchs of the faith from Adam to Christ celebrated the Sabbath long before the Exodus. In this episode we will review that history and learn the truth about the Sabbath as a moral command, not a Mosaic one.


  • 00:00 - Introduction

  • 08:43 - The Sabbath at Creation

  • 16:46 - Noah (~2500 BC)

  • 24:58 - Job (~2000 BC)

  • 29:35 - Abraham (~2000 BC)

  • 41:18 - Jesus (27-31 AD)

  • 1:16:18 - Objection: Exodus 35:3 (Kindling a Fire)

  • 1:23:27 - Objection: Judgment of Jericho

  • 1:30:13 - The Apostles & Disciples

  • 1:49:58 - Final Thoughts

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