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The Truth About Hell: Understanding "Forever" and "Eternal"


Those who believe in eternal conscious torment often cite passages in scripture that describe hell as an eternal punishment, or with smoke rising “forever” — yet careful study of these and similar words reveals important truths. The bible isn’t speaking of a place of eternal torment, but rather a place of permanent, wrathful justice. Today we will do a deep dive into the words “forever” and “eternal” and see what they really mean in their proper context.


  • 00:00 - Introduction

  • 07:35 - "Eternal" in Context of Life

  • 20:58 - "Eternal" in Context of Judgment

  • 41:12 - The Word "Forever"

  • 56:01 - CHALLENGE: Revelation 14 & 20

The Dance of Life Podcast with Tudor Alexander
The Dance Of Life Podcast with Tudor Alexander
Sharing biblical truth and spiritual encouragement, as well as information on how to stay healthy in these crazy times.