We've Been Lied to About Everything.

This is the most important book that I will

probably ever write. Get it before it's banned.


Other Titles

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The Gratitude Map is a simple and powerful book on how to overcome the obstacles to Gratitude, build a Daily Gratitude Practice and create abundant relationships with others. This book, and its associated course, will empower you to live in Gratitude for the rest of your life with actionable and simple principles. Available on Amazon.

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Dance Your Way Through Life: A No Bullshit Guide to Hacking Your Body, Mind & Soul For Success is my landmark textbook on personal growth. A result of over 16 years and over $100,000 invested in biohacking, personal training, coaching, learning and life experience - this book will be with you for life as a companion in every area that matters from health to spiritual fulfilment. It is nearly 800 pages and contains over 1600+ scientific references, information from over 150 expert podcast interviews and step-by-step action plans on healing your Body, Mind & Soul. Available on Amazon.

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Life is Good: A True Story centers around an intense, 3 month period of my life during 2020 that was full of lessons, messages from the Universe and incredibly poetic reminders that everything works out. If you are looking for inspiration or a book on finding your life purpose, this is it. Available on Amazon.


All of the above titles have audiobooks that can be purchased through any major audiobook retailer. The below links will take you to purchasing the audiobooks through Amazon/Audible:

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