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In 2003, after finally getting the courage to ask a girl to dance at a local Salsa club, she flat out walked out on me after about a minute of dancing together...


I couldn't believe it. I was so upset at the time (I was about 18) that, when the next semester came around, I decided to double-down on my efforts and rebuild my confidence.


I signed up for 3 dance classes, tried my first ballroom dance competition and within a few months successfully auditioned for ASU's Latin Exhibition team.


Because of my new efforts, I went from being rejected and barely keeping up to performing every weekend at the club in front of hundreds of my peers.


I had gotten bit by the dance bug and it was just the beginning.

As the years flew by and I improved my skill, competed across the country and eventually began coaching, my life was full of challenges... and some amazing experiences, too.  


Difficult changes in my personal relationships, my career and even my health all brought me several times to scrounging for money to afford my basic needs and feeling alone, depressed and without a direction.

Searching for answers, I began feeding my passion for personal growth and transformation through a variety of books, seminars, experiences and anything else that I could get my hands on. 

In late 2017, after the end of a serious relationship, I began using my newfound free time to reconnect to my other passions like music, writing, speaking and business.


A few months later, after being unexpectedly fired from my old job of nearly 7 years, I decided it was time to take these skills and create the new chapter of my life.  


With barely enough money for just a month of expenses, I threw myself fully into the world of entrepreneurship and started my new adventure, Dance of Life. 


My goal was simple: to integrate my passion for personal development with my experience as a professional athlete.

The result?


A novel approach to transformation, performance coaching and movement therapy that empowers others in a unique and valuable way.

If I could teach you to dance, could I also teach you how to Dance Your Way Through Life? 


Today my life is one that I am incredible grateful for. I have found the unique intersection of my passion, purpose and play through meaningful work with others. 

And it is continually evolving, growing and dancing to life's Music. 

Thanks to my weekly personal development podcast, The Dance of Life, I'm able to share my most valuable life lessons and strategies with countless people across the world. 

As a coach, I offer a unique journey that promises meaningful, lasting change and empowers you with novel tools to be your best self.


To view my current programs, just visit the Coaching Page


Lastly, dancing is still very much part of my life as a professional and as a teacher. It is my favorite vehicle for personal growth and betterment, and if you are local (Phoenix, AZ) then it's easy to get started.


You can register for your introductory sessions and consultation by going here.  

Wherever you are in life, my goal is to serve you to the best of my ability.


...And if you believe that life is a dance, I believe that I can train you to dance it well. 


"The secret to living is giving." -Tony Robbins 


Life is about giving, and one part of that is our relationship to the community.


Below are some of the charities that I am involved with throughout and their websites. I strongly encourage you to visit at least one of them and research how you can contribute.


I know each of these organizations and their leaders personally from volunteering and collaboration over the years. Some of them are huge while others are just starting their journey, but they all have a great story behind them and a winning purpose.

  • Arizona Kidney Foundation
  • Arizona Children's Foundation
  • Mayo Clinic of Arizona
  • Ball to All
  • Kaity's Way
  • Florence Crittenton of Arizona
  • One Hundred Angels

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