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In 2003, after finally getting the courage to ask a girl to dance at a local Salsa club, she flat out walked out on me after about a minute of dancing together...


I couldn't believe it. I was so upset at the time (don't judge, I was about 18) that, when the next semester came around, I decided to double-down on my efforts and rebuild my confidence.


I signed up for 3 dance classes, tried my first ballroom dance competition and within a few months successfully auditioned for ASU's Latin Exhibition team.


Because of my new efforts, I went from being rejected and barely keeping up to performing every weekend at the club in front of hundreds of my peers.


I got bit by the dance bug and I literally had no idea where it would be taking me...

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As the years flew by and I improved my skill, competed across the country and eventually began coaching, my life was full of challenges... and some amazing lessons, too.  


Throughout the years as a coach, professional athlete and personal growth junkie, the Transformation Train took me on many adventures:

  • I have had multiple near-death experiences (so far!) that have each taught me the value of faith and that everything works out in the end

  • I dealt with debilitating anxiety attacks for several years, landing me in emergency rooms and even gave me an eating disorder

  • I slept on a mattress covered in blood (and other stains) because it was the only thing I could afford at the time

  • I had serious abdominal surgery and walked around with a colostomy bag for a few months before having surgery again to get back to normal

  • I've been hypothyroid, hyperthyroid, had SIBO, adrenal fatigue, insomnia and depression at various times in my life, and have been burned out on numerous occasions 

  • I had a violent gang break into my home, assault me and rob my stuff

  • I've been cheated on and betrayed multiple times 

  • I was betrayed by an employer and threatened with a a lawsuit, forcing me to sell all my things, seek legal counsel and start all over from scratch

  • I've been broke on numerous occasions, taken a ton of risks that didn't pan out, had to sell all of my things and move in with my parents and wondered if I'd ever be successful and reach my dreams

...On and on, just like the unique and valuable struggles in your own life.

But I believe that every challenge is a gift in disguise, and these powerful lessons not only gave me many blessings in return like self-acceptance, patience and perseverance - they inspired many life lessons like the one portrayed below:

Life is not a Competition, it is a Performance:

One day I decided to start a podcast and begin expressing my thoughts and ideas to the world. I was hungry for meaning, and as I continued to read, educate myself, learn about health, mindset training and invest in my own growth — a new direction began forming. It was the integration between my passion for growth and experience as a professional athlete and dancer. ​It combined the wisdom I had gained from timeless movement principles with traditional personal growth strategies to create something different, which is what I call alignment coaching. 


Pictured with two of the top doctors in the world, Dr. Brimhall and Dr. Harris, as well as the founder of Optimal Health, Doug, after a wellness certification seminar.


With a group of wonderful doctors doing a workshop on mindfulness and movement during a retreat

GG group pic.jpg

Having fun facilitating the Gratitude Getaway

When Alignment is present, Success flows naturally.


This is how you Dance Your Way Through Life:

Today my life is one that I am incredible grateful for. 

Thanks to my books, podcast and presence on various platforms, I've been able to share my most valuable life lessons with countless people across the world. After losing everything multiple times, Jesus rescued me in my darkest moments of despair. Today I realize that the "alignment" I've spoken about for so many years is ultimately one's alignment with God, and that He is the leader in the Dance of Life.


Our surrender to Him daily through gratitude, prayer and faith is the key for success. ​

These days I spend my days creating content like audio teachings, music, videos and anything else that is relevant to helping share the Gospel as well as my own journey as a Christian. I believe we are living at the “end” of the “end times” and that right now what the world needs most is truth. Almost all of my content is free, and all of the books and courses I have created are accessible for just a $5 subscription on my Substack page.

I also do personal coaching and you can find more information about that here.

Lastly I still teach ballroom dancing, although I have stopped competing professionally. If you are a Phoenix local and would like to learn the joy of dancing, let's get in touch.

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6)

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