On this page you can access all membership resources. To the right of the resource it will say in parenthesis whether it is a free or paid resource. To access paid resources you will need a full membership (only $5 a month or $50 per year).

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Encouragement & Inspiration (Free or Paid Members)

Access recordings of the Psalms, Proverbs or dozens of audios on grace, Jesus and the bible, along with inspirational Christian videos on the gospel and important life lessons.

Health Research Articles (Paid Members)

Dive into over 70+ research based health science articles that I’ve written over the years. Quality information on health without any Pharma bias. Look for info on popular supplements or health hacks and see what the research says.

Women's Nutrition: What is Considered “Healthy Food”?

Courses (Paid Members)

Access powerful courses I’ve designed on gratitude, nutrition, forgiveness and even salsa dancing in the comfort of your home! These are great programs and promise an adventure in learning.

Books (Paid Members)

Download PDFs of all the books I have published and use them as a reference for your own research or knowledge base.

Original Music (Paid Members)

Download original piano music I’ve written, recorded and produced. Great for relaxing and taking it easy.