#BodyHacker Basics Masterclass

In this exclusive masterclass course I download over 15+ years, 100+ podcasts and $100,000 worth of knowledge, experience and research on all the major areas of health: diet, supplementation, sleep, oral health, aging and more.

This detail rich course offers an intensive journey through all of these valuable health areas, along with several bonus resources to help you create a practice of optimal health for life. Full of practical and research based advice, my emphasis is on "The Basics" and timeless principles of health. I also cover some critical information that is not often seen even in the alternative health community, especially on topics like using iodine therapeutically or the use of boron as preventative medicine.

Lastly, this course also features countless resources on how to build a health team, plan your meals, understand supplementation, where to go for finding a holistic dentist, and many other valuable resources for your journey. These are step by step guides with links and other resources as supplemental material.

My promise to you is that the information in this course will help you build and sustain optimal health for the rest of your life. Enjoy becoming a #BodyHacker, may it bring you to great health and I'll see you in class!

Course Includes:

  • 27 in-depth video lessons

  • Topics include: macros, health testing, adrenals, thyroid, digestive system, supplementation, sleep, herbs and more

  • 3-Day Food Log

  • Building Your Functional Medicine Health Team - a list and directory of practitioners

  • Everyday Basics Guide - highly detailed nutrition guide to help you obtain top nutrition and supplements

  • Health Testing 101 Guide - a list of 57 tests for optimal health that your doctor didn’t tell you about

  • Making Healthy Choices Guide - comprehensive guide for protein, fat, carbs and fiber with research and suggestions

  • Meal Planning Principles - a simple guide with space to journal designed to help you find a balance between nutrition and practicality for a busy life

  • Nutrition & Supplementation Timing Guide - a practical table outlining when most supplements should be taken (day or night) and what to consider

  • The Basics of Oral Health - a comprehensive guide for optimal oral health with vetted natural product suggestions

  • Vitamin & Mineral Upper Limits - a table documenting upper therapeutic thresholds for vitamins and minerals

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