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I specialize in helping people live healthy lives, reduce stress and reconnect to a spiritual practice. I am a certified health coach and a former pro athlete and trainer, so my focus with health is on helping people live more naturally and in alignment with their bodies as well as utilize targeted nutrition when needed.

I am also a Christian and I approach emotional, mindset or spiritual matters from a biblical perspective, as I believe the Gospel and Jesus have all of the answers for our human condition and its countless problems.

If any of this resonates with you or anyone you know, then don't hesitate to connect for a free, 30 minute discovery call. Currently I am routing all of my coaching through the Aura platform.

Aura’s 1-1 coaching product connects us directly through an unlimited messaging service and video coaching with me in 1-on-1 private sessions that are tailored to your schedule.

You will also get full access to Aura’s Apple-award winning app and I will be able to recommend content to you directly in the app.

Aura is completely secure, private, and HIPAA compliant.​

To book me on Aura and get started, click below:

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One of the benefits of being a paid member to my Substack is the ability to earn a free session with me from referring your friends, so if you’re someone who can’t keep a secret then make sure to check the leaderboard often :)