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THE TRINITY #11: Jesus in the Old Testament | The Angel of YHWH

Health for the body:

Health for the soul:

Throughout the Old Testament we see a mysterious figure called the Angel of the LORD, or the Angel of YHWH. This figure claims to be God, takes credit for God's actions and receives worship. Yet He also speaks in the 3rd person when referring to God, which creates an interesting situation. For centuries this led to the Jews believing in a "Two Powers in Heaven" theory, and with the arrival of Jesus we now see the truth of God: He is one being existing in plurality.


  • 00:00 - Introduction & Review

  • 12:12 - The Meaning of "Angel"

  • 19:37 - Two Powers in Heaven

  • 42:04 - Dealings with Abraham, Hagar & Sarah

  • 54:20 - Dealings with Jacob

  • 1:04:47 - Dealings with Moses & Joshua

  • 1:15:31 - Dealings with Gideon, Manoa, Isaiah, Zechariah & Job

  • 1:32:10 - Final Thoughts


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The Dance Of Life Podcast with Tudor Alexander
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