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THE TRINITY #17: The Case for Triune Monarchy (1 Corinthians 15:28)

Health for your body:

Health for your soul:

In the Old Testament, God is called the King of the Earth and referred to and worshipped as King. Yet even in the Old Testament, God revealed Himself as multi-personal, such that the Jews believed in a “two powers in heaven” theology for many centuries. In the New Testament this revelation is fulfilled in Jesus, who is God incarnate, and given dominion over all things. Yet when Jesus returns to the Earth we see a profound fulfillment in the notion that God is King — God as a Triune being will rule through the body of the Messiah forever.


  • 00:00 - Introduction

  • 13:37 - YHWH as the Monarch in the Old Testament

  • 22:44 - Jesus as King in the New Testament

  • 45:03 - The Millennial Kingdom & The Incarnation

  • 50:16 - 1 Corinthians 15:28 Breakdown

  • 1:08:33 - The New Reality in Eternity

  • 1:30:30 - Important Distinctions to Make

  • 1:35:58 - God as a Free Being of One Mind

  • 1:46:39 - Bonus: Christ as the Fulfillment of 3 Offices

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The Dance Of Life Podcast with Tudor Alexander
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