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Courses & Programs


Here you will find information on various courses I have created and currently offer on a variety of e-learning platforms. If you are looking for bible studies, all of my bible studies are freely available on this site. Just use the menu above to navigate to your desired location.


If you'd like more information about the programs listed here or you represent a platform and would like to discuss a potential partnership, please simply visit my contact page and get in touch.

Available on Many E-Learning Platforms

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The BodyHacker Basics Masterclass is my signature health and wellness program for biohackers and beginners alike. I go into detail on every major area of health including sleep, nutrition, diet, aging, oral health, supplements and more.


The Gratitude Map is a powerful program composed of guided meditations, audio and video lessons, original music and other great resources to find fulfillment and develop a Daily Gratitude Practice.


Principles for a Dynamic Life is my signature mindset course. It is everything I have learned about managing emotions, dealing with change and living in purpose and offers over 25+ hours of high quality coaching.


If you read my story, you know that salsa is what got me into dancing and eventually competing as a pro for many years. In this fun and affordable course, my partner and I will help you gain the confidence to hit the club in 5 days and transform your life through dance.

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