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Why You Need to Add Social Share Buttons Now

“Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth.”

2 Timothy 2:15

I am a research author and my joy is in sharing deep, unique and thought provoking podcasts on important topics. My goal with my work is to create comprehensive resources that you can review, take notes and reference. I want to stimulate thinking and hunger for knowledge, and those who appreciate such things have found great value in my work because it is very information dense and non-biased.

However, sharing my longer pieces can be difficult, which I understand, especially given that many are deceived in today’s world and their attention span is diminished.

So, I have put together this page with links to individual pieces that are short, highly engaging (animated) and very targeted for a particular topic. Each section will have a description and ideal target audience, as well as links for both Substack and YouTube.

My intention is that you can use this page as a resource to reach out to your friends and help make them curious for more, so that they can in turn gain a hunger for knowledge and snap out of deception.

To get in touch with me regarding this page, use the button below:

End Times

Below you will find 30 minute video that sums up my entire 37 part series (50+ hours) in a concise and engaging way.


Below are three great resources to share with your friends who are wrapped up in Zionism or Dispensationalism. One is a highly engaging documentary on why the Jews are not God’s chosen people (1 hour 20 minutes), another is a shorter video (30 minutes) on biblical problems with Dispensationalism and the last is a 20 minute video on Israel war and the end times.

Christian Nationalism, the Charismatic Movement & NAR

Below is an engaging documentary on Christianity and Politics. It is 50 minutes long and addresses many major errors in thinking with the current religious Right, Trump, voting, the “Seven Mountain Mandate” and similar other things. You will also find a short video (9 minutes) speaking against word of faith, prosperity, hyper-charismatic teachings.

New Age Spirituality & Personal Growth

Below you will find a short video (9 minutes) on why the law of attraction fails according to logic and also the bible.

Salvation & Religion

Below you will find a few short videos on important salvation topics: a 13 minute video on what it means to be a child of God, a 6 minute video on why a born again believer cannot lose their salvation and a 10 minute video on why evil exists.


Below you will find 24 minute video on why Christianity is not compatible with heliocentrism.